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Kimberly Stewart with Bottega Veneta

‘Who is that?’ you may ask,
pre owned christian louboutin, why it’s Kimberly Stewart (umm the daughter of legend Rod Stewart…). Ya, that should help. That is as meaningful that this girl is for most of us. Some of you may remember her calling Jennifer Aniston homely in the July edition of Blender magazine. Actually Stewart had the nerve to say,
christian louboutin rain boots, I like her because she’s homely. She obviously has to have something else it’s not like she’s gorgeous or anything. Really? Compared to you sweetheart,
christian louboutin shoes, Jennifer Aniston is Aphrodite. I just don’t like the girl, and I have always loved Jennifer- so I’m on the defensive. But in this picture the rock star’s daughter is carrying a beautiful Bottega Veneta woven bag, which gives her a little piece of a brownie point in my book. The rest of her outfit is just wrong, except the hat- it helps hide her face. Don’t you think her mother ever told her to stand up straight?

The bag is a beautiful Bottega Veneta Nappa Ball Bag in black. Her version may be a bit different from this bag, but is quite similar by the looks of it. This bag shows off a beautiful slouch look with the woven leather. This bag is available for $1,
christian louboutin shoes prices,880 via the Bottega Veneta website.

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Sang A Flash Parallelogram Clutch

Sang A Flash Parallelogram Clutch

Sang A Bags are on the Purse Blog radar. Her handbags exude a feeling of modern femininity,
christian louboutin simple pump 100, of a sophisticated touch. It is her exotics that I am drawn to most though,
christian louboutin studded loafers, as I typically go to newer designers for exotics (but that statement is null and void after my Hermes Wallet purchase).

If math was not your top subject in grade school,
studded christian louboutin, you may not remember the term parallelogram, meaning a quadrilateral with two sets of parallel sides. Sang A uses this inspiration for her Sang A Flash Parallelogram Clutch which is designed with luscious dark green crocodile. The angular feel gives a modern chic vibe and there is an optional removable shoulder strap to give you both hands back. The inside is lined with lush suede and features a pocket with a zip closure. Measurements 9″W X 6½H X 1¾D. This clutch has that stunning look that I yearn for when clutch shopping. I, of course,
christian louboutin blue pumps, would opt for the croc version of this clutch, but it is also available in black patent and silver patent via Saks for $645. $1,845 via Saks.

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Forget my last obsession, my new one is Sang A

Oh, fashion. This industry is so mercurial. One day you can fully consumed by one piece or trend or idea, and then mere hours later, something else pops up and all your energy makes a shift so sharp and sudden that you’re surprised it doesn’t hurt its metaphorical knees. (Yes,
ivory christian louboutin shoes, my energy has knees. It’s a fully formed, if imaginary,
christian louboutin sequin pumps, person.) That’s exactly what happened to me at the sight of these Sang A python bags two days ago, I was obsessed with Rag & Bone. Now,
christian louboutin sale shoes, it’s all Sang A. If you’re going to do the whole Fall 2011 python thing,
christian louboutin simple 85, these bags are the way to do it.

The golden finish on the Sang A Pop Tote really has to be seen to be believed. No matter how many times I go into Kirna Zabete, I always, always pick it up to examine it more closely. It’s deep and multi-faceted and so incredibly expensive-looking that words don’t really do it any justice. Most metallic gold bags are terrible and tacky, but this one definitively proves that it’s possible to do shiny gold in an incredibly chic way. Buy through Kirna Zabete for $3400.

Even though the Sang A Geo Shoulder Bag looks exceptionally petite, the bag of this matte leather confection opens up in a way that you wouldn’t expect to give you increased storage space and easy access to your stuff. Buy through Kirna Zabete for $1250.

Multicolored python is perhaps the biggest of the zillions of variations on the python trend for fall, and the timeless shades of green and blue in the Sang A Plush Clutch mean that even after the trend fades, this clutch will be chic. And those are the trend pieces you should be buying things that create an of-the-moment look right now but will have a home in our wardrobes forever. Buy through Kirna Zabete for $1740.

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Treat Yo iself: The Anya Hindmarch Candy Change Purse

If you followed along with our coverage of the Spring 2013 handbag collections,
christian louboutin for sale, you might have noticed that a lot of designers showed bags that were either partially or totally clear. Mesh, vinyl, whatever the method, what’s on the inside is now on the outside,
christian louboutin wedges on sale, for all intents and purposes. Accessory design has been headed that way for a while (the 3.1 Phillip Lim PVC Pashli from last season is a great example of that), and it means that now you have to consider what you put inside your bag more than ever.

As luck would have it, though, there are tons and tons of cute little accessoires that you can pick up to replace the drab, worn-out small leather goods in your collection that probably need replacing anyway. (And, let’s be real,
christian louboutin blue sole, probably have needed replacing for quite a while.) First on our transparent-bag shopping list? The Anya Hindmarch Candy Change Purse.

I wish this adorable little bag were big enough to be carried as a proper clutch,
christian louboutin barneys new york, but sadly, it’ll have to be relegated to the role of change purse (and possibly keychain, depending on how daring you are). Hindmarch has a long history of humor and creativity in her designs, and this piece fits in perfectly with her playful aesthetic. If you’re considering a clear-paneled bag at the moment, you need to go ahead and add this accessory to your shopping bag. Buy through ShopBop for $160.

Amanda Mull ON

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Unfortunately, This Moschino Leather Jacket Bag Won it Keep You Warm

Jeremy Scott is known for his somewhat flippant regard to both form and function when it comes to designing his zany, exuberant eponymous line, and now that he’s the new creative director of Moschino, we can expect more of the same from the Italian brand. Scott is, in many ways, a perfect for Moschino, a brand that likes the silly and literal as much as any other major fashion line that comes to mind. With all that in mind,
white christian louboutin, I suppose that the Moschino Motorcycle Jacket Bag isn’t all that surprising.

Of course, it is a little surprising when you consider that a jacket is not,
christian louboutin booties ankle boots, in fact,
christian louboutin red soles, similar to a bag in any way, other than the fact that some jackets include both leather and zippers. (Unless you’re Amish. Then, no zippers.) This bag, which comes from Moschino Pre-Fall 2014 and appeared on Vogue’s Instagram earlier in the week, has both, plus a collar and plenty of shiny silver snaps to hold it down. In a way,
christian louboutin wholesale shoes, it’s also a bit of a clever play on a logo bag; instead of printing the brand’s name directly on the leather somewhere, you can instead see the jacket’s interior label peeking through. It’s a piece intended to attract attention to the brand’s new creative direction, and that’s just what it’s doing.

People with too much money and very literal senses of humor will probably love this bag, but that’s not entirely contrary to some of the popular bags we’ve seen pop up over the past year (see: almost anything from Charlotte Olympia). If asked to love it or leave it, I’d definitely be leaving it. How about you?

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Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Cutout Satchel

I am of two minds about the Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Cutout Satchel. First, the cutout detail is amazingly intricate to form lace out of a stiff skin like croc is quite a feat and requires the kind of precision that most designers forgo as something that is not cost-effective. But then,
christian louboutin shoes uk sale, if I was going to go to the expense of buying a croc bag, I’d probably want the skin to be full and intact, and the bag to be as simple as possible.

The skin is the inherent design of any exotic bag, and it seems counterproductive to take a piece of leather that is naturally beautiful and that has it’s own intrinsic design elements and cut it up,
christian louboutin rantus orlato, no matter how beautiful the cutting is. As a result, I wouldn’t recommend this as anyone’s first croc bag, but it may make a nice special occasion bag for warm weather,
christian louboutin style shoes, particularly with Easter approaching. Also,
christian louboutin you you, it’s lined,
christian louboutin men, so the cut croc won’t expose all of your loot inside your bag. Buy through Saks for $3700.

Amanda Mull ON

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Prada Perforated Roll Bag

I think that the handbag folks at Prada and I need to have a little conversation about the Prada Perforated Roll Bag. I have some thoughts, and they would probably best be expressed in private. And by in private,
christian louboutin no prive, I mean after the jump.

Where do I even start?

Miuccia & Co., we have a problem here. Prada turns out some fine handbags,
christian louboutin leopard print, no doubt about it,
mary jane christian louboutin, but I think it might be time for the collection to refocus on designing a few truly great bags instead of making a huge collection of bags wherein a lot of them are just…mind-boggling. In a bad way.

There’s no reason that a bag that looks like it was made to coordinate with a University of North Carolina basketball jersey should be produced by a top fashion house and marketed to grown women for over a thousand dollars. The whole premise is mildly insulting. Come to think of it, this thing also bares a striking resemblance to a pencil bag that I had in elementary school,
christian louboutin turquoise, with the addition of some oddly long handles.

It disappoints me that the same people that were responsible for the utterly genius and gorgeous Gauffre bags are the ones that have now come up with what we see here they can do a lot better, and we all know it. Buy through Saks for $1295.

Amanda Mull ON

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Donna Karan Bandito Bag

Have I told you all about my love of gray handbags? It is an amazing shade (can we even technically label it a color?. Not black, not white, but a tone between the two that is easy to wear and matches everything. Some gray tones are superior to others, and this Donna Karan bag has perfected an ash-gray color that I am completely drawn to. Actually, this bag suits me for many reasons.

Let me introduce you to the Donna Karan Bandito Bag. With an appealing slouch,
christian louboutin mary jane, the Bandito has a drawstring top with ruched paneling. But can I tell you more about every aspect of why I love it?

Donna Karan proves to be environmentally conscious and uses North African lambskin which they call their organic leather. The animals are from a chemical-free family farm, so that the leather contains no harmful substances. The lambskin is then exclusively tanned in Italy using only natural vegetable oils. This process turns the leathers allergen-free and makes the leathers recyclable. So much for the environmental and quality treatment aspect.

Then we have the look of the bag,
christian louboutin spiked booties, which plays into my love of gray handbags. I also love a good slouchy everyday bag. I look at the Bandito and immediately see myself throwing it over my shoulder and popping out of the house. It makes you want to be on the move. Actually, it is somewhat haunting because I see it so vividly on my body that I feel like I must buy it.

The single shoulder strap works well with this design; the look is completed with a drawstring top closure. You can see wrinkling in the leather and shading,
christian louboutin new shoes, which results from a deliberate process. After the leather is first washed, each skin is individually wrinkled by hand and then vegetable oils are added and the leather is lightly tumbled to add the light-to-dark shading (the so-called high-low effect). It is a stunning effect that makes the bag come to life.

Another aspect that I adore is the price. I would have assumed,
real christian louboutin, after learning about the meticulous treatment process, that this bag’s price tag would be exorbitant. But it is not. Quite doable,
christian louboutin consignment, actually.

The price is $1,295 at Net A Porter.

Megs Mahoney Dusil ON

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shop christian louboutin shoes

ShopBop expands its vintage offerings to include Louis Vuitton

The more people get used to shopping for luxury goods online, the more they want options, especially when it comes to things that are vintage, pre-owned or no longer available in regular stores. (Or sold in very limited retail locations,
christian louboutin mytheresa, like Louis Vuitton or Chanel.) Several types services, from dedicated luxury re-sellers like Portero to flash sale sites like Rue La La, to traditional auction houses like Heritage Auctions that now offer online options for luxury goods, have sprung up to meet those desires, but some retailers like ShopBop are taking the search for vintage designer handbags into their own hands.

ShopBop has been working with vintage stalwart What Goes Around,
christian louboutin look alike shoes, Comes Around for several years, and in the past, the handbag offerings have included lots of Chanel and one or two Hermes pieces. ShopBop has now added a small selection of limited edition and discontinued Louis Vuitton pieces to that assortment, including sought-after pieces from the Stephen Sprouse and Takashi Murakami art collaborations. Below, we’ve included our favorite from all of the What Goes Around,
christian louboutin simple 85, Comes Around pieces at ShopBop, or you can check out the entire vintage offering at ShopBop.

5 Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Pochette Accesoires Bag

$825 via ShopBop

5 Louis Vuitton Murakami Papillon Blossom Bag

christian louboutin wedges on sale,090 via ShopBop

5 Louis Vuitton Epi Speedy Bag

$1,520 via ShopBop

5 Chanel Caviar Large Tote

$3,850 via ShopBop

5 Chanel Jumbo Quilted Bag

$3,400 via ShopBop

Amanda Mull ON

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christian louboutin shop online

Heidi Klum and Her Birkin Write the Book on Chic Air Travel

Here’s Heidi Klum,
christian louboutin consignment, arriving at the airport in LA looking perfectly styled and coifed while carrying a tan leather Hermès Birkin. Heidi occasionally looks like a bit of a designer boho mess,
cheap christian louboutin uk, despite the fact that she is a supermodel, so this is notable. You can see Heidi’s many air travel ensembles (and all of her best handbags,
christian louboutin claudia, natch) in "The Many Bags of Heidi Klum."

If you want more tips for jet-setting in style, you should look to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley; no one on the planet does air travel more stylishly than she. You would also be well served to study up on "50 Celebrities and the Bags They Carried to Fly out of LAX This Summer."





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